First chocolate Spread made with edible insects.

When tradition meets the future, it gives life to Crickolate: the first chocolate spread made using edible insects.

We bring together the Italian quality and experience with a selection of top-quality ingredients joined in a perfect Italian style.

Future's gone to Italy.

To recreate the magic of Made in Italy products that embraces the future, we have rethinking recipes as well as ingredients to bring our first product -made with edible insects- to everyone’s home.

Enjoy your first Chocolate Spread made with edible insects. Buon Appetito!

where health & taste meet the planet.

Our Crickolate provides unusual flavors and textures. It is made using ingredients that are naturally sustainable without damaging the environment.

More, it is lighter and healthier than store chocolate spreads’.

Less Sugar

Our Crickolate is lower, of about -17%, in sugar and carbohydrate compared with store chocolate spreads’.


We save thousands of liters of drinking water, up to 810l every jar of 200g, for every jar that we produce.



Crickolate is rich in chitin that may improve your immune system, help with weight loss, protect and moisturize your skin.

WhY IS it Different?

Crickolate provides you with all the same minerals and more proteins as traditional chocolate spreads, but without the strain on our natural resources.


Gluten Free

Lactose Free

Palm Oil Free

Hazelnut Free



Environmental Friendly Protein (8,5g/100g)


High Nutritional Value


Nutrional Value x 100g

Fat*: 28,4g

Carbohydrates**: 56,7g

Salt: 0,02g

Fibre: 5,2g

* of which: saturates 6,4g / mono-usaturates 18,0g | ** of which: sugar 42,9g. 

Our best ad.

People who already eat Crickolate are our best advertisement.

“At first, I didn’t want to eat it because I thought that bugs being disgusting. Then I tried Crickolate and it was so delicious and tasty. Now, I’m eating regularly for breakfast this chocolate spread on a slice of bread.”


“I was very curious to try this spread and without thinking about what was inside (yes, crickets!). I and my boyfriend couldn’t stop eating it. It’s absolutely yummy and I’m looking forward to tasting your new products.”


“I’m sure that edible insects are the future of food and I’m too enthusiastic to eat something new every time it’s possible! I discovered Crickolate on Instagram, I ordered that and it’s absolutely terrific! Yep, bugs on toast.”



Buy Crickolate directly from eBay (European buyers) and Amazon (UK only) and soon from our e-commerce store. Easy, Fast and Safe!

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